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   Dubai Attractions: Global Village
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Dubai's exciting new tourism destination started off as a huge cultural entertainment center to cater to the need for a central meeting point where different countries could showcase the myriad cultures. Over the years it has grown into a star attraction among UAE nationals, resident expatriates from over 160 different countries and visitors from across the world. As a world-class tourism destination, the Global Village brings together diverse customs and cultures covering a broad spectrum of activities including music, dances, arts and handicrafts, theatre, costumes and cuisine of different countries. Located in Dubailand on the Emirates Road, this destination can be easily accessed from all corners of the UAE through a superb road network. In addition to hosting the colorful activities that are organised by countries from the different continents of the world, the Global Village also offers a range of top quality facilities and services including provision of restaurants, shuttle transport services and a huge parking area that can accommodate thousands of vehicles. Special requirements for families are speedily and efficiently taken care of by a courteous staff at the Global Village. Fun Fair The Entertainment Fun Fair Area, located in the Global Village, which has succeeded in attracting millions of people in the past, has in store a lot of exciting games and adventurous rides. These games are carefully selected to suit people of different age-groups. Pavilions A shopaholic's delight, the Pavilions are where craftsmen and tradesmen of the world come together to display and sell their wares. The most unique element of Global Village is the pavilions where you can buy merchandise of countries around the world without actually traveling there. It's probably the only place in the world where you can buy an intricately-woven Indian pashmina shawl, a Japanese bonsai and fresh Canadian Maple Syrup all from the same place. Restaurants and Cafes With tens of restaurants, cafes and kiosks scattered all over the venue, Global Village is the perfect place to savour the many flavours of the world. You can sink your teeth into a juicy burger, tickle your taste buds with a spicy kebab or take comfort in a bowl of lung fung soup. With both international and locally renowned restaurants available, the Global Village Food Court is a smorgasbord of global cuisine offering variety unlike anywhere else. Courtesy of Global Village brochure and www.globalvillage.ae



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